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Soldering and Brazing

Standard steel, stainless steel and/or brass components, or complete assemblies are brazed in a protective gas atmosphere in the belt conveyor furnace during brazing and high-temperature brazing. A variety of furnace atmospheres and brazes are employed depending on the material used or the purpose of the parts.

Various fabrication options for a variety of requirements:

  • Increased corrosion resistance.
  • Heat-resistant connections
  • Pressure-tight connections
  • Decarbonisation-free brazing, including higher carbon steels

If small brazing tolerances are used the brazed joint achieves the strength of the base material - all other tempering methods may be applied after brazing. As an economical alternative complex parts traditionally fabricated 'from solid' can be individually manufactured from subcomponents and be brazed to form the finished component in a single process. 

Soldering and Brazing Soldering and Brazing Soldering and Brazing
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